Why build the San Antonio Technology Ecosystem?  Because we have to! Because the scenarios above are real and we need better answers.

Why should you be part of it … what’s in it for you?  Simply put, tech workers in cities with high functioning technology councils are better compensated and demonstrate better overall job satisfaction.  They are more likely to take employment risks with high reward potential and rebound faster from unemployment.  Your participation in the SA-Tecosystem means a stronger professional network, better pay, access to resources, and a way to be heard.

The tech world is hyper competitive and cities all over the world are competing for the best talent, funding, innovations, and even infrastructure.  San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the U.S. and the only one lacking a citywide technology council.  In fact, of the ten largest cities in the U.S., San Antonio is the only one without such a group.  Not a chamber committee, special interest group, or university task force … but a fully functioning independent technology council.  Tech brings high-paying jobs and more opportunity, that is a fact, and San Antonio must focus on this sector in a new way.

There is no shortage of high tech activity in San Antonio and no shortage of organizations supporting and fostering tech either.  So many that not all of them can be mentioned here.  From the startups coming out of Geekdom to the AFA CyberPatriot program, FirstRobotics Competitions and SASTEMIC – there’s no shortage of passionate leaders and great organizations.  Tech has a long standing place in San Antonio’s overall economy and it’s impact grows year over year. But for all of it’s impact on the local economy, for all of the activity, the industry does not have an equal voice.  It is time for the workforce and leaders of our local technology sector to organize and join together to provide guidance and vision as we head into the future.

Forming a dynamic tecosystem is the right next step for San Antonio and that is where you come in.  It’s time to learn about the who (hint – that’s you).

  2. WHY (You Are Here)
  3. WHO, HOW, and WHEN (Next Up)
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