Special Interest Groups

While The Greater San Antonio I.T. Economy is more diverse and complex than many, most stakeholders find that they fit into a few basic categories.  We call these special interest groups and they will be our foundation for a radical improvement in collaboration through customized events and communication.  Imagine what could happen if we organized Tech Leaders across all industry sub-setors.  Think about the impact of a customized communication schedule crafted just for those who participate as Tech Educators.  Envision the impact of a united Tech Workforce where it doesn’t matter if you wear t-shirts, suits, or fatigues as long as you are working together to stay positive and solve real problems. 
A special interest group is a group of like minded people and in in many cases, one person may belong to several communities.

  1. Tech Talent
  2. Tech Entrepreneur
  3. Tech Investor
  4. Political and Community
  5. Tech Education
  6. Tech Top Leader

Click the links above for a brief description of, and a form to join, the communities best suited to your current interests and role.

Communities start virtually and will be physically formed when critical mass has been reached.  Inclusion in a group requires the completion of a form, reviewed by the SA-Tecosystem prior to approval.  Once approved, the member is added to the SA-Tecosystem main list as well as the appropriate LinkedIn communities.  The tecosystem will have one main LinkedIn group and each constituency will also have it’s own sub-group.  LinkedIn is the natural choice for this type of collaboration and the communities are closed, invitation only, and will be highly moderated.


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