The Organization phase of the tecosystem begins at the beginning of the 2015 fourth quarter.  By this time, each community will have reached critical mass, a measure that indicates a fifty percent participation rate.  That means that a community reaches critical mass when at least 1/2 of the overall members have connected their respective virtual community.  These will be considered the charter members.

Up to this point, brainstorming activities will be well underway in the LinkedIn communities and platform items (goals and objectives) will most likely be proposed, but loosely structured.  Community leaders may also become obvious during this phase.  At the end of October, we will hold seven virtual conferences; one for each community and all culminating with an official SA-Tecosystem launch on November 12th.

At the launch we will officially create the organization and elect the inaugural board of directors and board of advisors.  Key sponsors will be recognized, community platforms and 2016 action plans will be unveiled.



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