Forming a vibrant tecosystem in San Antonio requires your participation.  Joining is free for you and any information you share with us will be protected and never sold or shared.  Here is what you can do:

  1. Join a group or groups (click here scroll through the six groups and access application forms)
  2. Tell all of your friends and colleagues in person, by email, or on as many social platforms as you choose
  3. Join in the online discussions and be ready to personally engage during Q4 of 2015

To reach critical mass, we are:

  1. Purchasing a mailing list probably participants in the San Antonio area and launching an e-mail campaign early March
  2. Obtaining and staffing a booth at InnoTech San Antonio on April 9th where we will have kiosks ready to take new signups

During the forming phase we will also be engaged in two important operational activities that will help lay the foundation for 2016.

Comprehensive Economic Impact Study – San Antonio Area Technology Industry.  The plans, providers, and costs are currently in development and will be shared here once they are finalized.

Vendor Support and Sponsorship Plan.  For the SA-Tecosystem to fully function and remain free for the participants, we will need engagement from local area businesses.  Sponsorships packages are being developed will go on sale soon.



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