There is no shortage of high tech activity in San Antonio and no shortage of organizations supporting and fostering tech either.  So many that not all of them can be mentioned here.  From the startups coming out of Geekdom to the AFA CyberPatriot program, FirstRobotics Competitions and SASTEMIC – there’s no shortage of passionate leaders and great organizations.  Tech has a long standing place in San Antonio’s overall economy and it’s impact grows year over year. But for all of it’s impact on the local economy, for all of the activity, the industry does not have an equal voice.  It is time for the workforce and leaders of our local technology sector to organize and join together to provide guidance and vision as we head into the future.


Technology In San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the oldest cities in Texas and has played a major role in technology innovation along the way.  History has it that the original design for the microprocessor itself was born here in the late 1960’s at our own Computer Terminal Corporation and hand delivered to Intel and Texas Instruments in a race for who could develop it first.  From Datapoint to Rackspace, there’s just something about this city that breeds risk taking and innovation.

But for all that we have done, we seem to have missed out on one critical component; the overall care and organization of our technology community.  The latest comprehensive economic development study was completed by The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce in 2008 and listed the overall economic impact of the industry sector in San Antonio at the time to be $8 billion.  This study went on to note that the industry paid $882 million in wages and salaries to 15,648 employees. So much has changed during these past seven years and while a new comprehensive study has not been complied, some estimate the impact to be as high as $30 billion.  Plans are already underway to commission the first annual industry impact study by the San Antonio Tecosystem, one of the many exciting things that will come from this endeavor.  Read on to learn more.

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